Wednesday, August 26, 2009

Why my faith is so strong...

I would like to share a story with you… a true story…about my Faith in the LORD. My Son had a seizure on Jan. 28th, 2009 one of the scariest things to see your own son go through. It was midnight and I was on the computer doing some work and my wife and my son were sleeping in the next room.. I heard my son kind of breathing weird... and my wife then yelled for me… (Man... it feels like it was yesterday, I am starting to have tears as I am writing this…) I run into the room flip the lights on and I see my son’s eyes roll back… and he is shaking… I jump on the bed and tell him baby its going to be ok… it’s going to be ok… not knowing what’s wrong with him… my wife is crying, I’m crying… I grab the phone and call 911… he tells me that I need to be calm so I don’t scare my son…. (Be calm in a situation like this….) My wife is crying and yelling why is this happening… why…. And I am crying and say to her “he is going to be ok”, she says “how do you know that”, then I said “because God won’t let us down”. I am still on the phone with 911 and he said to take my son off the bed and lay him on the floor… I did and then I took my cross off and put it in his hand and began to pray… he was still having a seizure. The Fire Dept and the Ambulance came and they were going to work on him and said “how long has he been like this”? I told them from the time I called till you guys got here he has been shaking… they then proceeded to take him down stairs and rush him to ER…. He had a seizure for more than 10 min… (When I was riding with him in the Ambulance I called a friend of my Abdul who is a minister and asked if he can pray for my son)…. I was so worried that he was not going to be ok… I was calling everyone… he finally came out of the seizure and then the test began… I don’t even remember what time we were there till… It was like a BAD MOVIE… sitting on the hospital floor and seeing your son taken into a room that you couldn’t go into for more testing…. My brother came all the way down from Brentwood CA, (not the Brentwood in L.A.) talk about Family LOVE… My parents were there, my In-Laws…. When my son woke up he was himself again and wanted to go home…. I looked up and said “THANK YOU”… The test came back ok… but we had to do more the next few days and months…. He had another seizure on Feb 21…. At a valley fair mall in San Jose, when he was sleeping… but he came out of that one in a few minutes… but still was rushed to Stanford Hospital to the ER…. We had to see the Neurologist and she said that they found abnormalities on the right side of the brain from the EEG test… and called it Epilepsy no matter if someone had 1 seizure and was not caused by a fever it’s considered Epilepsy… The Dr. wanted to put him on meds… which could make him worse… and my wife and I decided not to put him through that… A month later we do the MRI… so we can really get a better reading….

Now in the time all this has happened, I have family praying for him, people from all over praying for him, different churches and all of us praying for my son… I began to start reading the bible, going to church and praying for my son… and it was like the pastor was talking to me when I was in church…. I know it was the Lord answering my prayers... Everything happens for a reason and I know God allowed this to happen, not to be mean… but for me to open my heart to him and begin that relationship with him… Love him as he loves me…

With all the prayers and no meds, my son has not had a seizure for we’ll its going to be six months…. I love and thank all the people that have prayed for my son and continue to pray for him. I continue to read and study the bible and continue to build that relationship with the Lord… and when ever and what ever he needs of me I will always be there for him…

I don’t really share this much of my life but I want people to know this about me… and I thank you for reading my story of how my faith has gotten so strong and continues to get stronger and stronger each day…..


  1. Great blog Ramon! It's nice to see you stand up for your commitments to the Lord and testify...YOU know how I feel about our Lord and our Faith...never stop being Spirit filled and Praising God....He has Blessed you in many ways, your family and your talent...just remember all is in Gods' timing!
    Love You,

  2. God is good Ramon! Your story is a testimony to his awesome love for each of us. Tell as many people as you can. With so much going on in the world today, people have stopped believing in miracles and in God. Time to let people know God hasn't left man, but rather man that has turned away from our TRUE Lord and savior.