Monday, April 23, 2012


I design CUSTOM STANDS, these stands are Multi-Purpose for all your electronic devices - ipad, iphone, kindle fire, and more..

All handmade... starting at $35 - $100 depends on the design.... all our 1 of a KIND signed by Ramon / R54 and dated...if your interested please email me - or call me 510.599.8530.

Wednesday, December 7, 2011


 Ok... so you go to the MALL to take your photos in the STUDIO... and you pick out a FAKE background..... TREES, FIRE PLACE, PARK, etc..... Everyone has the same background in there photos.. Do you really pose like that in REAL LIFE??? 

When you shoot with R54 photography we shoot on LOCATION.... I bring you to a location that fits the needs of your PHOTO SHOOT ... its all REAL... no one has the same background because i am always taking my clients to different locations. 

PRICING - View below Picture People packages & R54 photography packages... I can MATCH those prices if you want those packages... but to let you know with my PACKAGES you get a little EXTRA...

What Picture People charges for PACKAGES :

Deluxe 10 Portrait Sheet Package
Signature 18 Portrait Sheet Package
Premium Package

What R54 photography charges for PACKAGES :

Kids package A - $150 On location photo shoot
- 4x6=2
- 5x7=2
- 8x10=2
- wallets=(4) 2 sets
- DVD of your all the images
- Shooting Time : 1hr

Kids package B - $250 On location photo shoot
- 4x6=4
- 5x7=4
- 8x10=4
- 11x17=4
- wallets=(4) 7 sets
- DVD of your all the images
- Shooting Time : 2hrs

Family package A - $200 On location photo shoot
- 4x6=4
- 5x7=4
- 8x10=4
- wallets=(4) 4 sets
- DVD of your all the images
- Shooting Time : up to 2hrs

Family package B - $350 On location photo shoot
- 4x6=7
- 5x7=7
- 8x10=7
- 11x17=4
- wallets=(4) 7 sets
- Fusion/Viral Video
- DVD of your all the images
- Shooting Time : up to 3hrs

you can view all my packages on my website -

How much for the DISC of photos?
  • Picture People charges you for for the DISC of all your images - High-Resolution CD
    $150.00, View & Share CD $35.00, Business CD $75.00

  •  R54 photography - NO CHARGE for the CD/DVD disc... and you receive FULL RIGHTS to your IMAGES and I get NON-EXCLUSIVE RIGHTS.

View the FUSION VIDEOS that come with some of my packages....
 If you have any questions or if you would like to book R54 photography please call 510.599.8530

Thanks READING my BLOG... and have a blessed day..... Ramon / R54 photography

Tuesday, December 6, 2011


Here are some the differences between a REAL MODELS & GIRLS WHO WANNA BE A MODEL....and how different they would answer things.....

  • R54 photographer says to this - You should have things in your portfolio that will be a good look... that can take you FAR....have a concept don't just be like everyone else... you don't have to be NAKED to be SEXY... where is the CREATIVITY at... You have to have more than one look in your portfolio and when you have the same thing over and over... no one is going to take you serious and you will only get the gigs that show your BODY.... and not show how versatile you can REALLY BE.

Photographer has an opportunity that can be BIG for the MODELS portfolio but they would have to do for FREE... unpaid shoot....
  • REAL MODELS would say - When is the date, I will change my schedule and i will be there... this will be a very good look for my portfolio, thanks for thinking about me for the part.
  • GIRLS WHO WANNA BE A MODEL would say - WHO IS IT FOR, WHAT NO PAY, I GUESS i can maybe do it... i will have to see.
Photographer has a PAID GIG for the MODEL hair and make up provided 2hr shoot....getting $100 - $200hr
  • REAL MODELS would say - I will see you there at 10:00am (and the shoot starts at 11:00am)
  • GIRLS WHO WANNA BE A MODEL would say - $100-$200 that's it.... who is this for again...and not show up....
  • PHOTOGRAPHER (R54 would say) - where else are you gonna make $100 - $200 for 2hr of your time.... REALLY.... lets keep it REAL...

Excuses that they come up with because they can't make the shoot.....
  • REAL MODELS would say - NOTHING
  1. A family emergency came up on the day of the shoot
  2. I don't have a RIDE
  3. My car has been giving me trouble 
  4. I have to WORK that day... but they have no JOB.... WOW
  5. My boyfriend got in a car accident
  6. My mom is sick, i have to take care of her
  7. My dog is not feeling good... 
  8. My eyes are swollen ... must be allergies (or 2 much DRINKING & SMOKING)
  9. Not feeling to good.... (STOP DRINKING the NIGHT BEFORE)
This list can keep going... they might of well have said i the DOG ate my HOMEWORK... or i got ABDUCTED by ALIENS.... 

For the REAL MODELS i have worked with and where there on time, didn't complain and they were about there business... i THANK U....and look forward to work with you again.

For the GIRLS WHO WANNA B A MODEL who have faked, came up with excuses, and expect to try and work again with me.... PLEASE..... i give u one SHOT... and that's it......don't ever REPLY to a CASTING CALL AGAIN....

The whole point to this BLOG is for people to see how REAL I KEEP THINGS.... I don't sugar coat anything and when you FAKE on ME.... trust me I know a lot of PEOPLE out there in this INDUSTRY I will tell them you DO BAD BUSINESS.... 

So keep it professional and do good business and get the RESPECT that you deserve....

If you wanna work with me and book me - 510.599.8530 R54 photography and lets take your IMAGE to the NEXT LEVEL.....

    Thursday, December 16, 2010

    How JERM JILLA - creator of CLAY CANDY and R54 the MANAGER linked up...

    How is all began.... I met Jerm Jilla on a music video set in HAYWARD, CA at SIMMS INK with music artist EXTREME... I was doing some behind the scenes photography... 

    I was wearing a GOODWOOD piece... and he came up to me and said... "is that GOODWOOD".. I was like "yeah" he moved his jacket and said, " I make these"... he had the piece in the picture to the right.  

    Now i am an ARTIST... been drawing since i was 4 and i appreciate GREAT ART when i see it... I said to JERM "YOU MADE THAT".... he smiled and said "YEAH"... then i asked him can you make anything... he said "yeah"... i asked him to make my TRANSFORMER pieces for me that are just like my tats...  he had them READY for me in like 4 days...  I became cool with JERM.. cuz he was a very REAL person and very HUMBLE... he called me one day and asked me how do i feel about being his manager... I will never forget what i told him... i said, "R U READY TO GO TO THE NEXT LEVEL".... he was like, "what do you mean"... I said, "I am going to get your CLAY PIECES EVERYWHERE... all over the world... and i have a lot of connections".... "I am going to make you FAMOUS".... we signed the contract the next day....  and that was in MAY of 2010... 7 months ago... 

    So now the journey has begun....  I designed his website and twitter page... and he now has 7,650 followers on twitter within 7 months... We continue to do videos on youtube and vimeo make em an R54 EXCLUSIVE. 

    I take care of the backend of the business and JERM creates the CLAY CANDY by HAND... 

    We have done pieces for Wiz Khalifa, GAME, Soulja Boy, Sean Kingston, Johnny Juliano, just to name a few...

    I have to say... JERM is so TAYLOR GANG... hanging out with Wiz Khalifa... and yet he continues to stay HUMBLE...  

    My goal is to make him so FAMOUS that everyone will know who he is... and everyone will follow the movement of CLAY CANDY.... because it's all about the ART... #SWAG

    If you have questions or would like to place an order email your design to or if you would like to speak to R54 give me a call or shoot me a text @ 510.599.8530....

    Wednesday, August 26, 2009

    Why my faith is so strong...

    I would like to share a story with you… a true story…about my Faith in the LORD. My Son had a seizure on Jan. 28th, 2009 one of the scariest things to see your own son go through. It was midnight and I was on the computer doing some work and my wife and my son were sleeping in the next room.. I heard my son kind of breathing weird... and my wife then yelled for me… (Man... it feels like it was yesterday, I am starting to have tears as I am writing this…) I run into the room flip the lights on and I see my son’s eyes roll back… and he is shaking… I jump on the bed and tell him baby its going to be ok… it’s going to be ok… not knowing what’s wrong with him… my wife is crying, I’m crying… I grab the phone and call 911… he tells me that I need to be calm so I don’t scare my son…. (Be calm in a situation like this….) My wife is crying and yelling why is this happening… why…. And I am crying and say to her “he is going to be ok”, she says “how do you know that”, then I said “because God won’t let us down”. I am still on the phone with 911 and he said to take my son off the bed and lay him on the floor… I did and then I took my cross off and put it in his hand and began to pray… he was still having a seizure. The Fire Dept and the Ambulance came and they were going to work on him and said “how long has he been like this”? I told them from the time I called till you guys got here he has been shaking… they then proceeded to take him down stairs and rush him to ER…. He had a seizure for more than 10 min… (When I was riding with him in the Ambulance I called a friend of my Abdul who is a minister and asked if he can pray for my son)…. I was so worried that he was not going to be ok… I was calling everyone… he finally came out of the seizure and then the test began… I don’t even remember what time we were there till… It was like a BAD MOVIE… sitting on the hospital floor and seeing your son taken into a room that you couldn’t go into for more testing…. My brother came all the way down from Brentwood CA, (not the Brentwood in L.A.) talk about Family LOVE… My parents were there, my In-Laws…. When my son woke up he was himself again and wanted to go home…. I looked up and said “THANK YOU”… The test came back ok… but we had to do more the next few days and months…. He had another seizure on Feb 21…. At a valley fair mall in San Jose, when he was sleeping… but he came out of that one in a few minutes… but still was rushed to Stanford Hospital to the ER…. We had to see the Neurologist and she said that they found abnormalities on the right side of the brain from the EEG test… and called it Epilepsy no matter if someone had 1 seizure and was not caused by a fever it’s considered Epilepsy… The Dr. wanted to put him on meds… which could make him worse… and my wife and I decided not to put him through that… A month later we do the MRI… so we can really get a better reading….

    Now in the time all this has happened, I have family praying for him, people from all over praying for him, different churches and all of us praying for my son… I began to start reading the bible, going to church and praying for my son… and it was like the pastor was talking to me when I was in church…. I know it was the Lord answering my prayers... Everything happens for a reason and I know God allowed this to happen, not to be mean… but for me to open my heart to him and begin that relationship with him… Love him as he loves me…

    With all the prayers and no meds, my son has not had a seizure for we’ll its going to be six months…. I love and thank all the people that have prayed for my son and continue to pray for him. I continue to read and study the bible and continue to build that relationship with the Lord… and when ever and what ever he needs of me I will always be there for him…

    I don’t really share this much of my life but I want people to know this about me… and I thank you for reading my story of how my faith has gotten so strong and continues to get stronger and stronger each day…..